Trending Courses After Graduation

Earlier completing your graduation, itself made you a well-educated person in your circle and it was also easy to get a job anywhere.

With time, graduation now just seems like a part of basic education which every person should complete. As the educational standards improve and more and more people go for post graduation and PhDs, the bar is high for all of us.

The period after graduation is very crucial since you have to start planning your career and think of options.

Most of you might already be thinking of pursuing some short-term courses while others might be thinking about going for higher studies and also started preparing for the entrance exams.

There are many different choices of careers in numerous industries like Marketing, HR, System Management, Operations, Business Analytics etc.

Realizing that you need to pick from a gamut of professional courses after graduation, for broadening your career prospects, might seem easy but choosing the right course is the main challenge here.

Given that options are abundant today, it is very natural to feel overwhelmed, when you are standing at the crossroads, thinking which way to go.

In this post, we shall be highlighting the different courses that are available today, which can open up a world full of opportunities. So, without any more delay, let us check out some of the most sought-after professional courses after Graduation that you can choose from:


Numerous students completing graduation are inclined in the direction of PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management). The curriculum in PGDM is always up-to-date compared to MBAs as Autonomous colleges that are not allied to every university usually offer PGDM. They have full access to keeping their curriculum updated for both university affiliated colleges or universities or the syllabus and changes will only be made if the university modifies it. Many of the reputed institutes record immediate placement of around 7% PGDM students every year.


An MBA from a reputed institute has got tremendous market value today, and it remains among the top-notch career options of more than 40% of graduates in today’s scenario. You can opt for any specialization in your MBA course; and premium institutes BML University offer lucrative options like HR, Finance and Marketing, and many others. Moreover, their collaboration with premiere foreign Management Institutes also offers the best global exposure for top management positions.

At BML Munjal University we have the most aspiring MBA programme as we focus primarily on experiential learning.

Our MBA course is mentored by the Imperial College London which helps our students to gain a global exposure and work on real life problems. This further inculcated a problem solving attitude among them and makes them future ready for global leadership roles.


Unlike the courses mentioned above which are both management courses, this one is a technical course. For applicants completing their graduation in B. Tech or B.E can take up this two-year long course. This is basically for students who want to specialize in their core subjects should surely go for this course.


This is a management programme with a duration of 1 year. Though the fee of this course is pretty high. But it is best for students who are looking to complete their management degree in a short span of time. It is a certificate course and not a degree.


At present, event management is now becoming a great option for students wanting to start their own business venture and even for graduates who are searching for job opportunities. With lucrative pay packages too, event management jobs seem to be catching up in popularity today. Having a certification in event management certainly gives you greater scope in this field. The duration for this course is 1 year and is a full-time course.

PGD in Hotel Management

If you want to add spice to your life by actually working with spices, then you should go for Hotel Management as this will get you one step closer to your dreams. Students from every sort of discipline qualify for this hotel management course. This programme begins with elementary cutlery training and then to management and hospitality. Many colleges even offer internships for students wanting to gain experience. The period for this course is one year.

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